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I’m pretty sure Death and Rory are on a first name basis by now…

Dude, Death is just chillin at home, and Rory will just barge in, shout”I DID IT AGAIN.” Then he’ll grab a soda from the fridge and sit next to Death on the sofa and Death will catch him up on everything that’s happened in the hours since they last saw each other.

Death/Rory = Brotp


it was the ‘hours’ that got me XD the ‘hours’ since they last saw each other XD *lol*

When Rory finally dies for real he’s gonna walk in with Amy and say, “Hey death, I brought my wife this time!”
“Rory, what are you doing?”
“Oh, is this Amy?” says Death, standing up from the couch. “I must say, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, I hope you’ve had a good long life?” and then he and Rory do a man hug full of back slapping and Death’s like “You know where the sodas are.”

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Dean and Cas fucking so loud that Sam comes in and douses them with a bucket of holy water because “I’m trying to fucking read and the noises you two are making are so unholy I figured it was worth a shot.”


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Me: Castiel is an angel warrior of heaven, a seraph. He’s strong and smart as hell and could kick anyone’s ass any day of the week. I can’t list all the times he was in an uneven fight and his intellect and strategy skills got him out of it. He’s a total genius and a badass to boot.



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A reading from the Gospel according to Chuck (4: 1-23)

And thus it was, that an Angel of the Lord appeared before him, and for the first time in an age, he was much afraid. “Righteous Man!” the Angel Castiel cried. “It has been a grueling battle and a long search, but rejoice, for I have found you!”
“Who are you?” said the Righteous Man.
“I am an Angel of the Lord, and I have come to raise you from Perdition.”
“There are no angels. You are a trick, another lie. Leave me to my work.” And the Righteous Man did turn away, and picked up his cruel devices. The Angel looked upon the Righteous Man with sorrow and pity. The Angel reached toward him, and when It touched him, the Righteous Man cried out in pain, for when a claim is laid upon a living soul, it leaves behind a deep brand.
“O, Righteous Man. This is your problem; you have no faith.” And then Angel’s holy purpose, divine fury, sacred joy, and celestial purity surrounded the Righteous Man, and It’s light shone in the yawning caverns of Hell. Demons and damned alike cowered in the Angel’s glorious presence. The Righteous Man fell to his knees at the sight of It.
“Righteous Man? I don’t know who or what you are, but look around you!” he cried. “Look at what I’ve done! You’ve got the wrong man. It isn’t me! Save someone else! There are many souls here that are more worthy of rescue than I.”
So it was there, in the darkest depths of Hell, that the beauty of a human soul was revealed, and the Angel’s love of humanity overwhelmed It, and It wept for the brilliance of It’s Father’s creation. “Fear not, and do not doubt! I know of the atrocities you have seen, and caused, and been inflicted upon you. And yet, after all of this time, in this horrific realm, your soul is pure, and you have shown yourself to be a righteous man. Come, Dean Winchester. I will keep you safe, and by the grace of my Father, I will breathe life into you once again.” The Angel Castiel then held the Righteous Man’s soul within his Grace, and began It’s ascent to the Earth once more.

And so it was, that a joyous cry echoed throughout the land: “Dean Winchester is saved.”

The Gospel of the Lord.

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It’s bigger on the inside.

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She came back, opened the heart of the TARDIS and absorbed the time vortex itself. No one’s ever meant to have that power. If a Time Lord did that he’d become a God, a vengeful God, but she was human, everything she did was so human.

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Doctor Who Parallels: 6x02/7x06

“Dark. So dark. I don’t know where I am. Please, can anybody hear me?”
I don’t know where I am. Where am I? Please tell me where I am!

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oh hey what


oh hey what

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Be happy.


Be happy.

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